Business Fast Start

Looking to start a new business? This course will get you on the fast track!

Module 1: Understanding Business

Here is where we break down business. Learn the difference between a business owner and entrepreneur.

Module 2: Legal Issues for Start Ups

Make sure to keep your business legal!

Module 3: Preparing a Business Plan

Time to creat a business plan? This is the module for you!

Module 4: Market Research Using Online and Offline Tools

Market reasearch is VERY important to any business. Make sure to check this module out!

Module 5: Marketing for the Small Business

Time to learn how to market your business!

Module 6: Business Finance (Accounting)

Module 7: Finance 2 (Cash Flow)

Module 8: Finance 3 (Taxation & Funding Sources)

Module 9: Sales & Negotiation

Module 10: Technology for Start Ups

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